OJ tee black


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OJ aka “The Juice” born Orenthal James Simpson was one of the greatest football players of his time. Breaking and setting rushing and carrying records on the field on Sunday and selling just about everything on the tv screens Monday-Saturday OJ quickly became the first Black superstar athlete. OJ was MJ before MJ was MJ thus solidifying himself a spot in black history and a spot in this years Black History Month collection.

Happy lack History Month

A black 50% Cotton 50% Polyester short sleeve crewneck tshirt with a picture of a young OJ on the front a large Clvr. Staple Logo on the back and a small CLVR x BHM logo above the cuff on the right sleeve.

Mens Fit

Womens Fit is one size bigger i.e. Mens Med = Womens Lrg